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By Artificial Grass Hire London, Mar 21 2017 07:56PM

If you are arranging an event then you will need to be sure that everything is in place. This can range from catering to the layout to the catering, there is so much involved that it can take a lot of planning and patience to get right.

Of course, the event as a whole will be dependent on the needs of the event holder and this can mean that the requirements are rather small or it could mean that they want everything covered. A good event relies on a number of elements to come together at the same time so that it becomes a success. However, there are many things that you have to consider, with one of the most important factors being health and safety.

As there is likely to be a large number of people attending your event you have to be sure that any displays, electronic set ups and any other elements that can pose a risk are thoroughly checked to make sure they are safe.

However, have you considered the safety of the flooring that you use? If you have opted to install a floor that poses a fire risk then you really should think about its safety. You may have opted for carpeting or a wooden floor, both of which can encourage a fire to spread but what if you chose to install artificial grass?

So, you may have opted for artificial grass because it is unique and you may have chosen it because you know that it will look good throughout the duration of your event and that makes perfect sense. It is, after all, extremely versatile, low maintenance and durable but have you considered its safety should there be a fire?

There are many different types of artificial grass available that come with different prices and different quality. This is also means that they pose a risk because many do not come with fire certification. This is crucial if you are organising an event because it will provide you with complete peace of mind.

The likelihood of a fire occurring during your event is low but there is always a risk and you will need to know that you are protected and if you have chosen to use artificial grass then there is a good news. This is because fake turf supplied by Arttragrass come with full fire certification. Artificial grass, during a fire will not catch fire although the grass will eventually melt although this will take time. The great thing about choosing to use artificial grass is that if someone happens to drop a cigarette butt that is still alight or if a fire does occur you know that it simply will not spread.

This will ensure that your event is safer than if you chose to use the normal options when it came to flooring. So, next time you are considering hiring artificial grass for events then getting one that has fire certification, it will be one of the best decisions you ever make!

By Artificial Grass Hire London, Jan 12 2017 12:36PM

Who doesn’t like a good party? In the UK we use any excuse in the book to hold a party, because we love to get together and celebrate with friends. Whether it is Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Halloween or any other time of the year, a party brings people together.

Now, if you are hosting or have hosted a party in your property, whether that is an office or even your home then you will understand just how much preparation has to go into it because getting it wrong is not even an option. You may have a themed party, depending on the time of the year which means that you have to decorate your property in a specific way, all of which takes time and money. However, what many forget to consider is the damage a party can cause to your property.

Once you get a group of people together, it is as though many forget where they are, especially if they have had a drink. This will mean that they do not show the same respect for your property as they would under normal circumstances. Therefore, it is worth considering how you can protect your property from any damage – particularly your floors.

Whether your floors are carpeted or tiled, once people spill their drinks, drop food or heavy items you can guarantee that the damage will be irreversible and most of all costly to repair.

There is a solution to this problem that will guarantee that your floors are protected.

To deal with this issue you should consider hiring artificial grass. Choosing to hire artificial grass will protect your floors in every possible way and most of all your party will have a unique feel and look to it.

The reason why artificial grass will protect your floors is because it will form a durable, versatile and hard-wearing barrier that will help to keep flooring in peak condition. Artificial grass can deal with spillages extremely well meaning that all it takes is a quick wipe and the problem is dealt with. When it comes to dropping food, once again, the food and any sauces will not be able to penetrate the fibres of the floor underneath it which means it only needs to be picked up and wiped. Artificial grass is also provides a softer feel and if anything is dropped such as a grass or a plate then it has more of a chance of remaining intact.

Artificial grass can be installed easily and when in place it will look great. When the time comes for it to be removed, all it requires is a quick clean and then it can be taken away.

When you consider how much flooring costs and how much it costs to replace or repair, it is well worth paying for artificial grass hire to protect your floors when you decide to have a party!

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